Few words about me, WWII, and model building hobby.

My fascination with model kits started with Matchbox kits. When I was young they were easily available
in newsstands and their covers were almost mesmerizing to me. My first kit was Sdkfz 251 (Hanomag) and I was immediately fascinated by its sloped armor, and the fact that it had tracks, and also wheels on the front. It looked 
so modern and groundbreaking! Another thing was the graphics made by Roy Huxley -  scenes captured on his paintings were often very dynamic - the guns were blazing, and the shells were exploding. The best example of that, in my opinion, is shown on a box cover of Humber, and M-16 alftrack. That induced in me a strong sense of contact with something epic that propelled me into finding out more about the history of world war two. I was excited every time when I learned about the existence of a plane or vehicle that I hadn't known before. My grandfather, on the other hand, didn't share my excitement -

"All its purpose is to kill people, and therefore I'm disgusted with this" - he used to say. I honestly couldn't understand how anyone could be "disgusted" by the AWESOMENESS of a mighty Jagdpanther!
  During WWII my grandpa 
was a IS-2 crew member, so I came to the conclusion that he simply didn't like Deutsche Panzer'sbecause they had been trying to kill him every time he came across one. He almost lost his forearm in one of the battles. The field surgeon had to completely remove one of the shattered bones between the elbow and the wrist. His forearm looked a little weird afterward with a long and deep scare along the length but it was a miracle that someone who did operation didn't just amputate it. 
  Later, after some digging about Bf-109's, FW-190's, and Zero's I came across stories about what happened in Hamburg, and Tokio. The topic of firestorms was particularly horrifying.
A similar thing happened while reading about my favorite tank: Pz.Kpfw. III - the nightmare of
Stalingrad is probably the best example. To put it simply - you can't be an explorer of the history
of "cool stuff" from WWII like tanks and planes, without encountering horrible atrocities, mass killings, unbelievable amount of human suffering, and senseless deaths most often caused by delusional  

"...ism" ideologies. "In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers" - it's sound like a cliche because it's true. I finally understood what my grandpa meant.
And yet I still consider a Jagdpanther tank destroyer as one of 
the coolest thing ever!
  Not that long ago I was in Belgium looking for King Tiger, and I typed the wrong name of the village
into the navigation. As a result, I accidentally went to wrong place and met two tourists from the UK.

At that time I didn' know that I had made a mistake and I asked them if they know where the tank is.
-What tank? - One of them asked me.
-The Tiger Tank! The King! The German King Tiger :D -
I replied.
-Why do You want to see some Nazi tank?
I honestly didn't know what to say back...
-Why wouldn't you want to see a 70 tonnes King Tiger?
-Because I consider WWII as one of the 
darkest period in the history of mankind and I don't want to celebrate it in any way, because I don't want it to happen ever again.
We were on the same page on that, and yet he just didn't understand me... 
Over time, however, I have learned to understand people like that guy.  I imagine that from his point of view, me being excited by the tank is like watching a fisherman who wastes his time sitting on the river bank while he could build a model kit and have fun! Why he does that? - It's stupid! And yet he chooses fishing... I bet that that guy looked at me in the same way like I look at those fishermen.
  Living the life of a modeler, sooner or later you come across the point where you have built
 so many Tigers and Bf-109's that you can't look at them anymore. But at the same time, you still want to build something that would complement your existing collection, without completely changing the topic.

For example - someone who is emerged deep in Pacific theatre of WWII and collects IJN aircraft carriers in 1/700 scale would probably jump into Battleships or US aircraft carriers in the same scale rather than starting a whole new collection of modern jets. In my case after I went through almost every Sd.Kfz. available in 1/72 scale I developed a strong interest in all kind of supporting vehicles, trucks, and busses. However, quickly realized that there is very little selection of kits in this area. So... I've decided to try my skills in creating one by myself. At that time I was just finishing the school for dental technicians where

I learned how to create masters from many different materials and copy them using silicone.

Since then I have created more than 70 designs, and my passion for making more is still burning bright. 
The name "Triumph des Willens" in the context of my models should be understood as a way from
an Ide
a for a new model to complete and available product that has never been released before.
I like that name also because I like to think that you can achieve triumph in almost anything as long as You have will strong enough to achieve your goal. At the same time, I cut myself off from any philosophy often associated with this name, that promotes hatred and discrimination. 
As an individual, I am somewhere between left and right, and I like to form my own opinions about 
stuff, and not just mindlessly repeat someone else's slogans. As George Carlin once said:
"I leave symbols for symbol-minded people". At the same time, I consider Swastika as a (sad) part of 
European history and I think all the efforts to withdraw it from use (especially in the field of models kits) is counterproductive and simply ridiculous. Maybe I would have a different opinion on that topic if sickle and hammer were also forbidden. But they are fine apparently... Therefore I would like to quote General Jack D. Ripper: "I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids". So as a person who has pure bodily fluids, I am constantly trying to increase the quality of my products.  Also, I would like to increase the rate of creating new kits, however, it is a very difficult case while I am only one person doing all things at once. But I am not complaining -

it is still better than sitting on the river bank with a stick.
Finally, I would like to thank few people who have been with me almost from the beginning:
customers, shop owners, and also a few more experienced modelers who provided me with

constructive criticism. Tony, Milan, Juergen, Jakub, Thomas, Kai, Christian, Richard, Erwin, Jarosław...
and many more. In many cases, I am able to recall street name whenever I see familiar last name.
I certainly would not have survived such a long time in this 
business without the support of regular customers like You guys. Many thanks for visiting my page and I hope that You'll find something that would catch your fancy.
- Yours truly - John Connor

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